Focus Area

We offer full development programmes and projects with qualitative research analysis, campaign, and programme development. We have all the expertise to produce a fully fledged and scalable socio-environmental impact.

Focus Area
Engagement Strategy
Extended Team

We extend our internal team with the communities that we serve and take control of the project or programme we develop for organisations to help meet the climate demand. We work collaboratively with all sector to achieve the NDC target of the Paris Agreement through Climate Adaptation.

Project as a Service

Single development programme

Project-based, youth-led and community-driven for impact

Why Revamp Rave Network?
Trusted and Skilled

Since our establishment in 2020, we have collaborated closely with organisations, social enterprises not-for-profit and startups to establish our brand and develop digital products from scratch to aid more knowledge. We serve our various communities with our innovative products. We have partnered and collaborated with 65 experts and 30 leading climate organisation to drive our mission.

Personalised Approach

Our programmes and projects are driven by solving the world’s climate needs and achieving socioenvironmental impact that has the potential to serve your CSR needs. Working with us means much more than just putting another ideal innovation together but to ensure we work together to create a sustainable environment.

Government Standard Compliance

As a registered not-for-profit youth-led oragnisation, we keep up with the changing laws, regulations, and policies to make sure that our operations comply with fundamental development protocols, procedures and programmes, design to meet industry standards to create a niche to creat social impact.

Human-centred driven Approach

Driven with the mission to enable communities for more climate action, our approaches are built by research and the realities of the communities we work with and serve. We create our solution to suit community requirements. Each project, are developed and implemented with and by the communities we work with.

Our Projects
Community Impact Project

Full-cycle project development and implementation process and evaluation of project impact to meet intended objectives.

Climate College Hub

A climate education-based training tirelessly redefining climate education through high-impact capacity building training program.

Coastal Conference

A low-level conference on climate change to explore climate challenges from the most affected while documenting locally-led solutions.

Revamp Rave Ecosystem
The three pillars of our Ecosystem

We focus on improving people’s lives and thought processes through the exploration of communities who are the farthest behind.


We are building the next generation of eco-champions to achieve our mandate by connecting with and enabling more youths for climate action.


Collaboration and partnership is the centre of our strategy. They are invaluable assets to achieving our mandate to build a climate-smart future for all.

Be A Part of Our Community
Be the change you want to see, be the change you so much seek. It takes an individual to make a difference but it take more than one to make a great impact. Your skill and resources are invaluable asset with and for us.

We need you to be a part of our community by joining to help scale our endeavours.


For organisation who care about nature, support our endeavour to achieve our mandate.


For projects who want to make impact and contribute meaningfully to climate action processes, we are here to collaborate.


For businesses who strive to create socio-environmental impact. You can support by adopting our project as your CSR.

Strategic Investors

Invest in Revamp Rave Network and help us redefine climate adaptation processes to create an inclusive society for all.

How We Are Making A Positive Impact
Revamp Rave Network believes in a new kind of leadership at the core of its approach, one that is driven by empathy, inclusion and empowerment for its targeted community and beyond. The coach approach to climate action built to achieve the Paris Agreement’s Climate Adaptation mandate embedded in Art (7), (8) and (13) is a focus for us.

To save the environment from many environmental degradation caused by littering, pollution, waste and chemical substances to enhance species population.


To protect and utilise one of earth’s largest resources to benefit humanity and sustain species population


To enhance and conserve outdoor activities to improve good health and well being through active participation and partnership to improve lives.


To advocacy with the most susceptible to the climate crisis with the aim to ensure more environmental protection of marine species and eliminate social disparities in coastal communities.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact