Climate College Hub

Rethinking climate education for the next generation of climate champions

The Climate College Hub is a get started Innovation and sustainability learning platform for promoting Climate Change Education, Action and Sustainable Development. The hub which is a hybrid process is aimed at connecting the world and bringing climate education on a platform where young people desire to learn flexibly yet rigorous preparatory education and solutions about Climate Change. It is an initiative created to enable youths for informed climate action in their locality.

The Climate College Hub’s vision is to curate a virtual hub in collaboration and partnership with international development experts, environmental leading professionals, and other key stakeholders. In addition, it serves as an opportunity for scholars, academia and leading experts to engage with young climate and non-climate enthusiasts through interactive instructions, forums, mentorship, project groups and internships to create more opportunities

About our Climate College Hub

Our Climate College Hub is an offline and online training initiative that explore and takes a deeper dive into climate change triggers, stressors and innovative ways it can be combated using technology, by enhancing governance issues from all climate sphere. It take on the concept of how climate change affects every single human on earth.

Global Cohort Programme on Climate Change

The Global Virtual Cohort Programme on Climate Change is one of the largest online cohort training on climate change for young professionals, non-professional, advocates and anyone who wishes to learn about climate change from inception to action. It is a 14 weeks long training on climate change for youths worldwide. The Cohort has produced 300 youths advocate and awarded internship scholarship opportunity for outstanding youths to build more capacity with leading International nonprofit organization. We have built a tutor bank of 66 expert tutors from across the different continents.

Climate College Hub Training

The Climate College Hub is a physical training on Climate Change for young people living in Lagos. These one month intensive training dive more deeper into specific areas of focus on climate science, biodiversity and conservation. It is a training for your people in Lagos to understand the environmental change realities around the Lagos and how they can create innovation to help the state government effort. The hub is in partnership with some of Lagos’ finest and innovative center and social enterprises leading climate and environment solutions.

The Global Virtual Cohort Programme on Climate Change

The Virtual Cohort programme developed during the covid-19 pandemic saw a need for more climate education and awareness due to the future stressor the global health crisis will have on people and planet. The need to educate more young people to use small everyday action to create a big positive impact was the core of our creating the virtual training to leverage on the new shift in social interaction and to connect to more youths.

The maiden edition of the cohort programme launched in 2020 was specifically targeted at African youths to connect and educate them more. The maiden edition trained 20 non-advocates and advocates across the different African country. Due to the impact and request from the impact outcome of the cohort, the maiden edition has transformed into a global cohort programme accommodating youth across different continents.

About Our First Virtual Cohort Programme

The Virtual Cohort programme developed during the covid-19 pandemic saw a need for more climate education and awareness due to the future stressor the global health crisis will have on people and places

Highlights from Our Virtual Cohort’s Maiden Edition
Second Cohort programme

The second cohort consisting of 200 youths, 28 tutors and trained on 14 topics on climate change was launched in 2022. It awarded 10 scholarship internship opportunities for thr selected youths advocate.

Third Virtual Cohort Programme

The Thirds Virtual Cohort Programme startting in April is a 14 weeks training programme that will trained 500 participant and provide internship opportunities to 25 youths in leading organisations.

Meet our Global Expert Tutors

Our expert tutors bank consisting of 66 tutors are carefully selected from different continents. These expert have industry experience as well as leading on special climate innovations.

Climate College Hub Training on Climate Change

The Climate College Hub launched in 2021 is a physical training programme targeted at young advocate in Nigeria. The programme seek to communicate present and future climate stressors and ensure social innovation initiative are developed to meet the challenge.

Testimonies from the maiden edition
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