Youth Development and Capacity Building

Revamp Rave Network provides capacity building training programmes for youths who seek capacity and knowledge on climate change issues and how to deploy climate action to achieve sustainable development.

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Youth Development in Revamp Rave Network

Learning about climate change demands detailed knowledge of the climate challenges. We provide a platform for youth to acquire relevant knowledge and understanding of how to deploy climate.

We work to build a network of young people from around the world and create a community that values and cultivates an appreciation for nature while pushing for more action in their locality.

We pay attention to the peculiarity of each climate issue and design easy-to learn modules to help young people engage meaningful. while learning how climate change affects their daily lives if they do not take action.

We work towards educating and inspiring talented and motivated youth advocate who seek capacity and knowledge in climate change and sustainable development. through our get-started innovative learning methods.

Our Youth Development Features
Trainings on Climate Change

We develop a sustainability learning platform to promote climate action through a rigorous, yet flexible process climate education, climate inclusion and action to achieve the NDC target goals.

Internship Opportunity

We provide avenues for our trainees to develop more capacity by peering them with leading rganisations on the various focus areas trained on to build more capacity.

Network Expansion

We establish a network of youth with shared vision and enthusiasm to work together through collaboration to achieve climate action. The diversity of the network aids our trainees exposure and network base.

Publication and Publicity

We create a space where our scholars get to public and right about how they are making a change, leveraging our platforms with partnering organisation. We seemly give them a platform to tell there stories how they want,

Why You Need To Learn With Us?
What you will benefit:

Access to leading expert tutors
Opportunity to be peered with an organisation
Be a part of a global community of alumni
Access to our learning resources and mentors
A platform to share your story

You will become:

Knowledgeable about climate change issues
How to design solutions for environmental and climate challenges
Be a part of a community of people fighting for more climate action
Become a knowledgeable advocate and activities for change
Be able to influence more people and mentor them a thought leader in your sphere of influence

Our Competency in Youth Development
Experienced with Youth Mobilisation

We are proud of our experienced team of youth mobilizers that make it possible to deliver foundational knowledge about climate change and apply an integrated connective ideas to solve the dimensions of climate crisis in their locality and beyond.

Learning Flexibility

We develop our resources to be as flexible to accommodate working professionals as well as non-professionals to maximize our learning platforms while ensuring they get the desired outcomes from learning with us.

Indepth Youth-focused curriculum

our curriculum are tailored towards enable youth capacity while helping to identify climate change challenges as peculiar to their community problems. We jump on relevant trends to design their learning resources to fit their needs.

Youth-driven Approach

As young people begin to find new ways to learn and be visible, our approach to training youth advocate calls for synchronous and asynchronous method while promoting the integrity of their ideas.

Who We Deliver To?

Whether you represent yourself, a start-up, not-for-profit or private corporation, or you are an advocate or non-advocate, we help build the capacity and development of young people to enhance their impact and engagements.


Learning about climate change and how to promote sustainability in the for non-advocate maybe daunting to them. Our strategic implementation is structured to help them transition.


Our course resources provide climate advocates with more knowledge about the areas they are most passionate about while equipping them with more ways to increase impact.


Our courses are tailored to help young professionals, learn how their occupation contributes while they learn on ways to incorporate sustainable methods.

Frequently asked questions

We gathered the answers to the most common questions we get about our e-learning and material development endeavours at Revamp Rave Network.

What specific programs and initiatives does your nonprofit undertake to address climate change issues?

With the Climate College Hub, Community Impact Project, and Ocean Literacy Project, we are reshaping the African climate narrative. Through development communications and educational resources, Revamp Rave Network tackles climate change challenges head-on, fostering awareness and positive change.

Focus Area
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