Climate Education Literacy

We harness the power of knowledge and give access to climate information by developing trainings to foster more climate literacy amongst youth advocate, working professional and people from all works of life. We simply enable more youths for climate action.

From Science to Policy

Greenhouse gas effects to carbon sequestration


Species identification to wildlife habitat protection

Climate Communication

Community sensitization to awareness to storytelling

Climate Governance

International Climate policy to INDC and NDC targets

Who We Deliver To?

We provide virtual and physical trainings for youth advocate and non-advocate to become climate-enabled and ensure their active participation. We create training program to meet the climate awareness and information demands.

Climate College Hub

Our Climate College Hub programme team ensures that young advocates benefit from a great deal of resources through a well-tailored course content outline. The climate college Hub takes an innovative approach to help young people develop well structured and system project and program to solve climate and environmental challenges.

Global Virtual Cohort Programme on Climate Change

Our Virtual Cohort Programme on Climate Change is a yearly cohort programme open to young advocate and non-advocates from the six continents of the world. It is a 14 weeks training programme on climate change that covers all the major areas about climate change challenges and action.


Our process are easy, simple and user-friendly from development, planning, implementation and evaluation.

Our Impact in numbers

We provide training support and internship scholarships with leading local and international organisations to help young advocates get relevant practical experience and build more capacity.

Internship Given
Youth trained
Expert Tutors
Continent Reached
Our Projects
Community Impact Project

Full-cycle project development and implementation process and evaluation of project impact to meet intended objectives.

Climate College Hub

A climate education-based training tirelessly redefining climate education through high-impact capacity building training program.

Coastal Conference

A low-level conference on climate change to explore climate challenges from the most affected while documenting locally-led solutions.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact