Community Impact Project

Rethinking community involvement in climate action

About our Community Impact Project

Our Community Impact Project is a community-driven inclusive project that seeks to engage 100,000 local residents across the various coastal communities in Nigeria from 2021-2030.

The Community Impact Project is an inclusive project aimed at strengthening the capacity of coastal community for climate resilience through dialogue, advocacy and locally-driven informal education approaches to combat climate change. It is an initiative that seeks to deliver resilience approaches with and for communities to scale our climate action efforts

Our Community Impact project launched in 2021 aimed at connecting communities to be active citizens on climate issues, discuss and action while empowering them to promote local economies..

Features of our Community Impact Project

Our Community Impact Project seek to change the African climate narrative and push its climate agenda through high-impact capacity-building programmes and projects that reaches the furthest behind.

Kadara Waste Reduction Project

Revamp Rave Network’s aim for the Kadara Waste Reduction project is to create and foster an enabling environment to support KADARA community and reframe its environmental pollution to opportunities, through the effective participation of target community groups as well as leverage partnerships with private and civil structures. Kadar’s project goal is a vigorous commitment to community enterprise while eliminating pollutions of all kinds.

About Our Kadara Waste Reduction Project

Agoro community consisting of Kadara, Coates and Market Street is a community located at heart of one of Lagos’s largest informal settlement and hosts about 10,000 residents according to the local government data. Kadara located under Agoro Community borders around market Street, Coaes and Kadara. With no alternative means of waste disposal, Agoro community consisting of over 6,000 resident openly throw waste to burn and dump into the sea to rid themselves of the many environmental degradations both from household waste, particularly from the wood industry situated in the community.

In the same way, access to decent jobs is far-fetch due to little or no education or relevant skill set. Therefore, women take these types of jobs to fend for themselves. Kadara Waste Reduction Project is three pathway project under our community impact project initiated to sensitise, education, collaborate and empower Kadara community residents for more climate action while reducing waste disposal problem.

Community Engagment and Research

The second pathway of the Kadara Waste Reduction project was the community engagement event with key stakeholders to optimise the goal of our project. The engagement saw the mobilisation of 100 residents, gathering 200 research data.

Capacity Building Training on Climate change

Through the Climate College Hub, the two day capacity building programme focused on young volunteers was carried out to equip with climate knowledge to participate in the Kadara Waste Reduction Project cycle. This was the first pathway of the introductory phase of the project.

Community Awareness and Sensitisation

The third pathway of the Kadara Waste Reduction Project was the community sensitisation and awareness rally that took place in Agoro covering Kadara, Coate and Market. The rally was done in collaboration with the community leader and focal persons.

Kadara Community Cleanup

The fourth pathway of the Kadara Waste Reduction project was a cleanup exercise to carried out to enhance environmental cleanliness and reduce indiscriminate disposal of waste and environmental lithering among residents.

Recycling Day: Introducing Dori Woman

The fifth pathway of the Kadara Waste Reduction Project in partnership with RecyclePoints was carried out to deliver recycling education and create recycling avenues to the community. Through the Recycle Points Dorin Bin, the community have a waste management contact point and has empowered twenty women through the process.

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