E-Learning and Material Development

Revamp Rave Network provides virtual climate educational trainings and development, delivering training for young advocates, corporate and not-forprofit leaders for sustainable business needs

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Our Climate Learning Management System

Learning about climate change can aid both advocate and corporate bodies collectively build a sustainable future and build resilience relevant to actualise sustainable develop goals. But how?

Being a climate-eLearning and material development organisation, we also develop beautifully made graphical e-books, learning podcast and toolkits to amplify your climate cause credibility.

We pay particular attention to designing courses and training materials that are relevant for today’s current climate challenges. Our course and training materials leverages great user-design reading experiences that ensure every feature of our courses and guides are meaningful, fun and easy to read.

Our resources includes sample of real life climate vulnerabilities scenarios to explain each topic and everyday ordinary actions to cannot more actions to participate actively. Also, course guide flows and unique assessments to guide users through the training process will only aid more climate enthusiasm.

Our Climate LMS Features
Course Content Development

We develop course content to suit your idea training resource goal and objectives either as a not-for-profit, youth advocate or corporate organisation.

Toolkit Development

We develop toolkit that details climate-smart skills, knowledge, procedures and information about climate change, how to participate in climate action and contribute to sustainability.

Training Module Development

We establish climate training objectives tailored to your needs with the right content format to launch your training modules to create sustainable climate action and climate-smart choices.

E-Book Creation

We create from concept to finish digital materials to help foster more climate learning to expand build relevant climate capacity for sustainable development.

Why You Need To Learn With Us?
Your Organisation will benefit from:

Our resources to aid their CSR
Help to enhance its ESG strategy
On-demand updates on resources
Scalable and mentorship resource
Tailored resources to meet oragnisations objectives

As A Learner You Will:

Learn about climate change
Get to tailor your action and engagement
Real-time tutors, peer feedback and mentorship
Increased global engagement and access
Gain access to high-imoact learning resource
Contribute meaningfully at local and global level

Our Competency in E-Learning
Trusted and Skilled

We are proud of our experienced team of project manager, analysts, researcher and writers that make possible delivering of climate education and environmental advocacy services optimised to meet current challenges, leveraging research and community engagement.

Learners-First Approach

Working on eLearning climate projects, we put the learner at the center of a learning management processes and conduct thorough research for new and fun ways to build more learning enthusiasm.

Government Standard Compliance

As a registered not-for-profit oragnisation, we keep up with the changing laws, regulations, and policies to make sure that our solutions comply with fundamental development protocols, procedures and programme, design to meet industry standards to create a niche.

Human-centred driven Approach

In the process of creating our education solutions, we can run research sprints, develop focus groups and solutions that are user and organisational friendly to provide our users with a stress-free experience.

What We Deliver

Whether you represent yourself, a start-up, not-for-profit or private corporation, our e-learning processes will greatly improve the performance of yours or your company’s climate transitioning.


Learning about climate change and how to promote sustainbility in the corporate environment is more relevant to shape corporate culutre. Engaging us will help reate that smart-climate environment.


Our course resources provide with a consistent and engaging learning experience quality climate knowlegde that helps organisation create a climate-smart culture.


Our development team applies the latest trends to build solutions that are youth-drivent for online education, enhancing our climate learning process globally.

Frequently asked questions

We gathered the answers to the most common questions we get about our e-learning and material development endeavours at Revamp Rave Network.

What specific programs and initiatives does your nonprofit undertake to address climate change issues?

With the Climate College Hub, Community Impact Project, and Ocean Literacy Project, we are reshaping the African climate narrative. Through development communications and educational resources, Revamp Rave Network tackles climate change challenges head-on, fostering awareness and positive change.

Focus Area
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