Revamp Rave Network (RRN) is a nonprofit, youth-led climate change-focused organisation working to enable more youth for climate action through climate education while creating inclusive spaces for vulnerable coatsal communities through environmental advocacy, ocean literacy and community mobilisation. We are redefining the African Climate narrative.

Our Story

Revamp Rave Network Initiative was born in 2020, during the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic as a means to foster climate information and knowledge amongst communities of people. It was a time more critical to learn about climate crisis and deploy action relevant to tackle the change as the global health system was deepening existing environmental stressors. So we thought keenly about fostering climate information and amplifying climate action with young people and coastal communities at the heart of our thinking strategy to enhance sustainable development.

Our Approach to Work

At the heart of our implementation strategy is research, community engagement and environmental advocacy to influence communities to rise and act against the climate crisis. With this, research, climate education and community engagement form the summit of what we do.


We believe in the power of youth mobilisation and community engagement to achieve climate action and environmental conservation. We thrive on building relationships and connecting people and communities to succeed through a collaborative process.


When work on projects and program to deliver on our mandate while giving value to our target community through transparency. We put our heart into your programme and project to help communities create scalable action while striving to exceed expectations to achieve sustainable development.


We develop youth-driven and community-led initiatives with amazing program and well-thought implementation concepts and strategy. We create project and programme in a broader sense and are people-centered.


With a focus on young people and vulnerable coastal women and communities, we believe that young people are potential assets to actualising climate action while community play a crucial role in advancing development at its core.

Who We Are

Get to know us better by studying the way we work and the most prominent projects we’ve worked on so far

Our Values
People and Planet

The interconnectedness of man and nature is inexhaustible. Therefore, we focus on improving people’s lives and thought processes while fostering a more equitable world for healthy ecosystems.

Evaluation and Social Impact

We aim to have a track record of improving our activities and innovation through data visualisation to aid our monitoring processes and conduct research to upscale our project design.

Diversity and Teamwork

We believe in the talents and innovation of young people of all races and sex. With this, we are building the next generation of eco-champions with a strong, diverse team of creatives.

Collaboration and Partnership

We believe diverse partnerships produce better and more resilient outcomes. Therefore, collaboration and partnership are invaluable assets. And this is at the centre of our involvement.

Sustainable Development Goal Focus

Sustainable Development Goal Focus


Our Management Team
Abimbola Abikoye
Michael Babatunde
Media and Partnership Manager
Adams Munnir
Lead, Community Engagement
Godiya Zambwa
National Coordinator
Ademola Adeoba
Documentary Manager, partner
Fatimah Idris
Programme Manager
Humphery Ojo
Lead, Data Analyst
Daye Omona
Grants and Partnership Manager
Our Advisory Board/ Board of Trustees
Prof Olanrewaju Fagbohun
Dr Priscilla Achakpa
Azeezat Yishawu
Seyifunmi Adebote
Chisom Nwankwo
Kelani Yusuf
Abimbola Abikoye
Taiwo Adewole
Mission Statement

Redefining climate education and environmental advocacy through connecting people and building communities

Together We Can Make A Great Impact