Environmental Campaign Advocacy

Revamp Rave Network tell community-based stories, driven by a need to inform the general public on climate challenges and resilience in frontline communities to drive more informed policy.

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Environmental Advocacy in Revamp Rave Network

Climate change causes many riffle effects and stressor to communities who contributes little to the various environmental challenges. In the same way, these communities have little or no access to climate and environmental related information to help foster participation.

Our environmental campaign building helps to solve these gaps to drive policy and inclusion as well as tell community stories to a muh wider audience. We use our advocacy to create adaptive reforms to help community people, protect the environment and aid state actors effort to achieve NDC goals,

Each of our advocacy programme and endeavour is curate to drive impactful and scalable action to build resilience. It speaks on easy-to-implement action relevant to solve the peculiarity of the climate challenges one community and policy at a time,

Our Environmental Campaign Advocacy Feature

To demonstrate our values, show our authenticity and improve our reach, these three strategy are what we leverage to build more public participation for climate action.

Focus group

Our research gives life to our programme and project to fit the context of the communities’ climate and environmental challenges. It helps us understand the lives-experiences and depth of the problem while helping to create and inclusive platform where everyone’s opinion counts. With it, we create community sub-groups to dissect eah information.

Focal point

Our campaign documentary is a strategy tool to communicate our findings to the general public to give access to more information of the depth of the climate issues faced while drawing the public’s conscious to call for more climate action.

Policy advisory and

Our research gives life to our programme and project to fit the context of the communities’ climate and environmental challenges. It helps us understand the lives-experiences and depth of the problem while helping to create and inclusive platform where everyone’s opinion counts.

Benefit of Funding Our Campaign Project Project
What you will benefit:

Get to meet learn about communities that are affected by environmental crisis Get to learn listen to real stories of resilience Work with us to deploy intervention plans Be a part of the climate community and foster scalable impact with us Be identified as a change agent for climate and environmental justice

As an Individual you will:

Learn about climate change Get to tailor your action and engagement Work with our communities’ focal personnel Impact communities who cannot do so themselves Join vulnerable communities to make meaningful change Build a network of people while connecting them with more opportunities

Our Competency in Environmental Campaign
Campaign Story Development

We document the lived experiences about climate change and its impact on communities through developing stories while documenting them to gather data. .

Campaign Story Writing

We write story to project community resilience story through writing to understand community pin-point and how our intervention can amplify more climate action.

Campaign Strategy

We develop campaign strategies to ensure we tell our story of impact and reach a wider audience. We tell our stories to instruct and inform the minds of the general public.

Campaign Documentary Production

We produce environmental campaign documentaries that tell the climate challenges of communities focusing on most vulnerable community to mobilize more people for collaboration.

What our Campaign Speaks to?

Our campaign speaks to climate change challenges, opportunities and ways to collective help deploy climate adaptation intervention. Whether its a start of a project or an engagement, our document speaks to it start.


It helps to inform state-actors and non-state actors on the challenges of communities to help improve policy formulation and implementation. It will help accelerate more engagement and their participation for sustainable development.


It helps to inform the private sectors on the need to adopt a Corporate Social Responsibility approach (CSR) to their every dealings and company’s policy. It inspires them to take action and support our mission to building a sustainable future.


It helps to inform the general public on other environmental and climate-related issues to help foster more understanding. It will inspire more civic participation and participate actively in environmental change issues and governance.

Frequently asked questions

We gathered the answers to the most common questions we get about our e-learning and material development endeavour at Revamp Rave Network.

What specific programs and initiatives does your nonprofit undertake to address climate change issues?

With the Climate College Hub, Community Impact Project, and Ocean Literacy Project, we are reshaping the African climate narrative. Through development communications and educational resources, Revamp Rave Network tackles climate change challenges head-on, fostering awareness and positive change.

Focus Area
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