Environmental Justice

We identify environmental lapses and climate challenges of communities to enhance social inclusion and environmental protection through the power of community and collaboration to advocate for climate and environmental justice.

From Climate Mobility to Environmental Protection
Climate mobility

From displacement to migration and increased vulnerability

Social inclusion

Species identification to wildlife habitat protection

Community mobilisation

Community empowerment to resilience building

Environmental protection

From communities active participation to nature protection

Who We Work With?

Through a clear cut collaborative strategy with organisation who share our vision to call for climate justice, we engage community to effective call for more environmental justice through advocacy, campaign and planned intervention plans.


Community empowerment to resilience building

Non-state Actors and State Actors
Our Projects
Community Impact Project

Full-cycle project development and implementation process and evaluation of project impact to meet intended objectives.

Climate College Hub

A climate education-based training tirelessly redefining climate education through high-impact capacity building training program.

Coastal Conference

A low-level conference on climate change to explore climate challenges from the most affected while documenting locally-led solutions.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact