Coastal Women Climate Conference

Creating inclusive spaces for women in climate governance and ocean action

About our Coastal Women Climate Conference

The Revamp Rave Network Community Conference is a yearly get started Innovation and sustainability project curated to promoting vulnerable groups (women and disabled) inclusion in climate policies, climate governance and climate action through open dialogues in coastal communities in Nigeria

The Coastal Climate Conference ia a low-level dialogue for coastal communities. It is a proposed solution that seeks to foster the acquisition of foundational and ample knowledge about climate change as it affects vulnerable groups (women and persons with disabilities), promote

their interest to improve climate governance while integrating their ideas into climate policy advocacy to achieve ocean sustainability. The maiden edition took place in Kadara Community, Lagos. Nigeria.

Features of our Community Impact Project

We at Revamp Rave Network Initiative understand the need for significant communities’ involvement, representation and engagement in tackling Climate Change crisis through active participation and inclusion, hence the conference is a yearly event to actualise this goal.

Open Dialogue Platform

A platform where intersectional and cross-sectional conversation can be discussed to contribute to local economic development while exploring critical yet pivotal subjects on ocean conservation

Policy brief development

To develop a working policy brief to contribute to national policy agenda while aiding government efforts in ocean conservation efforts and the global community at large.

Focus Group Session

The focus group discussion a one week engagement with women of the community explored the avenues women can contribute to sustainable development and ocean cleanliness.

Oyingbo Coastal Climate Conference

The first community conference held in Kadara community in Oyigbo attracted 250 women and persons with disabilities. It delivered on ocean education literacy, delivered on climate awareness and ways to actively participate in environmental sustainability while create avenues to dialogue for climate policy influencing.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact