Community Mobilization and Engagement

Revamp Rave Network mobilises and engages with communities to understand community challenges while creating avenues for their participation in more climate action and open climate governance.

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Community Mobilization and Engagement in
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In an era of climate disruption, communities strive to understand what makes them unique and at the centre of climate action as well as how to engage with companies, government at local and national levels in the most efficient way to curb environmental degradations. We know communities holds a great revenue in economic growth and in building a climate-smart future, if resources meet capacity and relevant skills. We enable every community with the our programmes and engagement to enhance climate action efforts.

Our high-impact capacity building programme and project development organisation, Revamp Rave Network understand the vision of the Paris Agreement to help atualise the NDC targets and indicators with a purpose. We help you mobilise communities for change.

Each programme and project we curate, be it an online or in communities. They are well thoughout strategise to help us excel with our partners in mobilising communities while creating experience that drives their inclusion, increase conversations, and communities’ participation in our mission.

Our Community Mobilization and Engagement Feature

To demonstrate our values, show our authenticity and improve our strategy, these three strategy are what we leverage to build more communities’ participation for our purpose.


Our community-based participatory research is a research that is focused on understanding environmental and climate change triggers while identifying locally-led driven innovation and approaches to improve our climate adaptation- focused projects.

and Analysis

Our data collection and analysis from the research carried out gives more insight to the problems and challenges faced. It opens our solutions to align more deeply with the communities we work with while identifying other unknown information that are potential to solving the challenges.


Our campaign documentary is a strategy tool to communicate our findings to the general public to give access to more information of the depth of the climate issues faced while drawing the public’s conscious to call for more climate action.

Benefit of Partnering with us on Our Community Project
Your Organisation will:

Get a chane to meet communities that are affected by environmental crisis
Get to listen to real stories of resilience and vulnerability
Work with us to deploy intervention plans
Be a part of the climate community and foster scalable impact with us
Be identified as a change agent for climate and environmental justice

As an Individual you will:

Learn about climate change Get to tailor your action and engagement
Work with our communities’ focal personnel
Impact communities who cannot do so themselves
Join vulnerable communities to make meaningful change
Build a network of people while connecting them with more opportunities

Our Competency in Community Mobilisation
and Engagement
Vulnerability Assessment

We do detailed research of your program and project and analyze our niche to benefit communities who are our target audience. It helps us deliver relevant and scalable response to offer specific solutions to solve the peculiarity of the challenges.

Indepth Community Approach

We’ve worked with many small and large-island coastal communities to gained solid experience in how they respond to the various environmental degradations, and deliver on local response to these issues. We identity what’s best for and with communities to achieve sustainable development.

Focus Group Development

Our experienced community management team ensures
adequate planning and effective communication that helps bridge communication gaps for communities we work with while creating focus groups to aid contribution and transparency in formulating our interventions.

Stakeholder Mapping

We build close relationships with identified stakeholders to help scale our mobilisation strategy for more inclusion and active participation. Our integrated approach id dependable, reliable and an achieve our set goals.

Who We Deliver

Whether you represent yourself, a start-up, not-for-profit or private corporation, our e-learning processes will greatly improve the performance of yours or your company’s climate transitioning.


Learning about climate change and how to promote sustainability in the corporate environment is more relevant to shape corporate culture. Engaging us will help create that smart-climate environment.


Our course resources provide with a consistent and engaging learning experience quality climate knowledge that helps organisation create a climate-smart culture.


Our development team applies the latest trends to build solutions that are youth-driven for online education, enhancing our climate learning process globally.

Frequently asked questions

We gathered the answers to the most common questions we get about our e-learning and material development endeavours at Revamp Rave Network.

What specific programs and initiatives does your nonprofit undertake to address climate change issues?

With the Climate College Hub, Community Impact Project, and Ocean Literacy Project, we are reshaping the African climate narrative. Through development communications and educational resources, Revamp Rave Network tackles climate change challenges head-on, fostering awareness and positive change.

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