Environmental Sustainability


From Communities to Recycling Agencies
Sensitisation and awareness

We help curb environmental littering and improper waste disposal using awareness and sensitisation program in partnership with relevant recycling companies.

Cleanup Exercises

We conduct and partner to deploy cleanup exercises to aid the reduction of waste pollution while empowering existing waste pickers on how to earn from their waste.

Establishment of plastic pickers

We empower communities to cultivate the habit of picking up recyclable and giving them to recycling companies close to the community to aid waste pollution reduction and healthy wellbeing.

Community and recycling pairing

We pair communities with recycling companies to ensure recyclable are gotten off the streets, drainages and the environment to enhance quality health and reduce plastic waste in water bodies.

Our community cleanup programme
We are leading communities and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Our Environmental Sustainability section is powered by partnership and collaboration. Through reaching communities with access to waste recycling aid and good management approaches, we are influencing one community at a time.

We enable community for socio-environmental consciousness while working with them to accelerate environmental change action.

Our Impact in numbers

We provide training support and internship scholarships with leading local and international organisations to help young advocates get relevant practical experience and build more capacity.

Communities Reached
Plastic Waste Recovered
Recycling partners
Our Projects
Community Impact Project

Full-cycle project development and implementation process and evaluation of project impact to meet intended objectives.

Climate College Hub

A climate education-based training tirelessly redefining climate education through high-impact capacity building training program.

Coastal Conference

A low-level conference on climate change to explore climate challenges from the most affected while documenting locally-led solutions.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact