Ocean Conservation and Literacy

We harness the power local languages to transmit ocean biodiversity workings and functioning to our target communities while documenting locally-led solutions through community engagement and mobilisation.

From Community mobilisation to Locally-led solutions
Ocean Literacy Training

To save the environment from many environmental degradation caused by littering, pollution, waste and chemical substances to enhance species population.

Focal point establishment

To ensure the sustainability and expansion of our work, advocacy and it scaling, we develop and train more deeply selected community resident who serve as our point of contact to enhance our work and impact.

Locally-led solutions identification

To listen and document issue about ocean related challenges and identify possible locally-led practices that can help while engaing communities for more ocean action

Community and Policy Advocacy

To advocacy with the targeted coastal communities to sensitize, educate and ensure marine species are protected why ensuring they actively participate in policy formulation processes to aid ocean biodiversity.

Who We Deliver To?

We deliver to local communities to engage them through community participatory research and mobilisation for ocean action. This is to foster more involvement as we leverage their skills and capacity to push for more locally-driven ocean initiative. We use this to serve frontline communities while delivering ocean education for more knowledge. We target women and persons with disabilities to deliver the various mandate of our ocean Literacy and advocacy goal.

Women and Youth Advocate

We educated, build the capacity of young people and local coastal women while creating an intersectional platform to mobilise for change, inclusion and ocean policy inclusion.

We are leading communities and including the furthest behind

Our Ocean Conservation and Literacy arm to our work as an orgnaisation is to enhance, strengthen and building youth, women and persons with disabilities’ capacity through dialogue, community engagement and mobilisation.

We enable community for ocean preservation and inclusion while enhancing their active participation in climate mitigation and adaptation processes.

Coastal Community Conference for Women and PWD’s maiden edition
Our Impact in numbers

We provide training support and internship scholarships with leading local and international organisations to help young advocates get relevant practical experience and build more capacity.

Youth engaged
Women and PWD engaged
Coastal Conference
Our Projects
Community Impact Project

Full-cycle project development and implementation process and evaluation of project impact to meet intended objectives.

Climate College Hub

A climate education-based training tirelessly redefining climate education through high-impact capacity building training program.

Coastal Conference

A low-level conference on climate change to explore climate challenges from the most affected while documenting locally-led solutions.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact