Eco-Campiagn Project

CrTelling real stories of climate vulnerability, resilience and challenges

Oyingbo Coastal Climate Conference

The campaign was to draw awareness on the integral importance of the ocean and water bodies to improve environmental wellbeing. It was done to draw the general publics awareness to environmental degradations; open burning, open defecation and open dumping of waste of all forms.

About our Eco-campaign Project

These are a series of campaign documentary videos scripted and filmed in host communities facing various environmental issues that speaks to our organisation's mandate. The campaigns titled Eco-campaign mirrors the challenges of the identified communities we hope to deploy climate interventions plans.

The Above the Rubble campaign documentary launched in 2021 is a documentary that mirrors the various environmental challenges, triggering climate change impact directly and indirectly the the community called Agoro. It shows the dimensions to the chalenges and

a call to action on how individuals as well as orgnisations and government can work towards working collaboratively to help the small island community with a large population. The campaign inspired and launched the Kadara Waste Reduction Project 2021 and its subsequent impact programme in 2022.

Together We Can Make A Great Impact